Early Fly Development

Normal development and maintenance of adult organism homeostasis relies on a regulatory cross talk between tissue morphogenesis, differentiation and cell division, which is crucial for organogenesis and for tissue integrity, growth and renewal. Our main research interest is to take advantage of Drosophila melanogaster as a model system to study tissue morphogenesis and cell division during development. Since tumorigenesis is frequently associated with loss of tissue integrity and misregulation of cell proliferation, we expect this work will give a contribution into a better understanding of molecular and cellular processes associated with the onset and development of cancer.

* We are looking for highly enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers

Current Affiliation: Universidade do Algarve, CBME, Portugal

Lab site: www.drosophila.pt


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Principal Investigator
Rui Martinho
PhD in Biology
University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK)
Rui Martinho